The HARD CRO (HC) is based on one guiding principle: Cycle your HC route end-to-end, as fast as possible in a solo, self-supported, self-timed fashion. The HC is observed as one stage, i.e. the clock runs non-stop. There are required check points, but there is no designated route and there are no designated rest periods on the course. The HC strives equal opportunity within the General Classification (GC). The HC requires that every racer, those living along the chosen route and those living on other continents, have an equal playing field. Outside assistance of any kind is strictly prohibited. The HC is a web-administered, do-it-yourself challenge based on the purest of wagers: the gentleperson's bet or agreement. Nothing to win or lose but honor.


Rule #1
No complaining about the rules.

Rule #2
A racer may use any type of wheeled human powered vehicle. The bike cannot be changed during the race. The racer may proceed on foot as long as the bicycle is under control of the racer and is being carried, dragged or pushed on the road, and in this way may use pedestrian overpasses and crossings. Any type of boat or ferry is strictly prohibited.

Rule #3
The race will be conducted in Individual Time Trial format with drafting being strictly prohibited. Racers must ride alone from the start point to the finish point and check-in at the two mandatory check points. Each racer must choose their own route between these points. GPS navigation is allowed and racers must ride in Croatian territory with the only exception being the route through Bosnia-Herzegovina, between the border crossing Klek – Neum I and the border crossing Zaton Doli – Neum II on State road 8.

Rule #4
Drafting is strictly prohibited. Drafting is any type of ride behind movable object, vehicle or other participant in traffic that moves in same direction, in a way where a racer could take advantage of drafting by being pulled behind.

Rule #5
Third party support is prohibited. All food, drink, equipment and spares must be carried by the racer or acquired en-route. For example, racers may resupply, rent a room, use laundry service or service their bike at commercial shops on the way. Any service utilized must be commercially available to all racers and not be prearranged, eg: friends or family waiting for the racer with food or equipment. Non-commercially available private resupply and private lodging is strictly forbidden. Family and friends are welcome (and encouraged) to cheer racers en-route, but can in no way provide support or shelter. A racer may be assisted by another racer for emergencies only.

Rule #6
It is the racer’s responsibility to know, and conduct themselves in accordance with, the Croatian Road Traffic Safety Act.

Rule #7
Mandatory equipment is: helmet; reflective vest or stripes; front white light and rear red light for riding at night (between the hours of 20:00 - 06:00) and during poor visibility weather conditions. Racers must have health insurance and are, alone, responsible for their own safety.

Rule #8
Racers must act in the spirit of unsupported racing and must conduct themselves in a manner which will not besmirch the reputation of the race, organization, or other racers.

Rule #9
A racer’s position and progress through the race will be monitored live with a GPS tracking device. The device must be turned on at all times, which is the responsibility of racer.

Rule #10
Racers must be 18 years old at the date of commencement of the race.

Rule #11
Violation of any rule will result in a penalty being issued. For any rule being violated for the first time the Race Official may issue a warning or disqualification penalty. The second violation will result in a disqualification. Violation of rules such as drafting, riding through a red traffic light, third party support, private lodging, riding without helmet or inappropriate lightning, or failing to check in at the check-points within the allowed time are considered flagrant offenses and will result in immediate disqualification. After being disqualified the racer may continue to ride, but will not be officially part of the race. The tracking page of those racers will remain online/updated for informational purposes, however, they will be removed from the group tracking map (GC).

Rule #12
A racer must complete the race within the time limit (without disqualification) to gain an official title of “HARDCRO Finisher.”

Rule #13
Racing Categories are as follows:
1. SOLO Women racers - all ages 18+ (Category 1)
2. SOLO Men racers:
    A. 18-49 years (Category 2A)
    B. 50-59 years (2B)
    C. 60-69 years (2C)
    D. 70+ years (2D).
3. PAIRS - all ages 18+:
    A. Men’s pair (3A)
    B. Women’s pair (3B)
    C. Mixed pair (3C).

Rule #14
For pairs, the same rules apply, with the additional conditions:
    A. Drafting is allowed between two racers from the same pair.
    B. Pairs must ride together during the race. Pairs must pass control points together. Pairs must pass finish line together. Pairs must ride together with the maximum distance between racers of 50 metres with an exception on downhill segments.

The time limits:

Control point Categories: 1; 2C; 2D; 3B; 3C Categories: 2A; 2B; 3A
CP1 : LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin 27 hours 25 hours
CP2 : Savudrija 60 hours 55 hours
Finish : Molunat 120 hours 110 hours

Rule #15
RAAM Qualification: All solo racers who successfully finish the race under 80 hours are considered as RAAM qualifiers. Total time calculation includes added time for penalties. Time limits on check points stay the same, which depends on racer's category. Please note that RAAM qualification is valid only for solo racers, pairs are excluded from it, even if they finish the race under 80 hours.